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Malik Ishtar

Name: Ishtar Malik (Marik).
Age: 'bout 15 or 16.
Height: NA.
Weight: NA.
Blood Type: NA.
Millenium Item: Millenium Rod.
Millenium Item Spirit: not really a yami, it's more of just a darker side.
Siblings: Older sister Isis.
Deck type: NA

"When he is ten Malik goes through a ceremony and scars that speak of the God Cards and the Pharoah's Memory is engraved on his back (Ouch that must hurt poor Malik). Malik grows up in Egypt and his home is underground. He never get to see sunshine. As you may imagine Malik has a really, really hard childhood and I dont think he should be blame completely for all of those evil and morbid actions he took in the Battle City Arc.

Maliks only friend is a man named Rishid. Maliks father is a bit unbalanced (probably because of the fact he never saw sunlight) and when he found out that Malik went outside he began stabbing Rishid with red hot knives (I say Malik inherited his fathers violence). From the darkness formed in Maliks heart by his dark childhood, Yami Malik is born. While Malik watched his only friend hurt by his father he flipped. Yami Malik killed Maliks father that day. When Malik came to himself again he was shocked to find his father dead. He was told by Shadi that it was the pharaohs (Yugi) wishes that his father was dead. From that day on Malik wanted nothing but revenge.

Malik is a cold-hearted person. He had little feelings toward others. He also has little considerations for innocent peoples safety. Therefore, many people are hurt or killed during the Battle City Arc. All he wants is his revenge. He is a dark and manipulative character, however his darkness is nothing when compared to Yami Malik.

When Malik changes into Yami Malik, his hair goes insanely spiky and his eyes narrow. Yami Malik is really, really psychotic. He doesnt care for anyone. All he wants is to obliterate the world and kill everyone to create a world for himself. He would do anything to achieve his goal. He doesnt even care about Malik and nothing about people Malik cares about. He is either pure evil or completely insane. Either way you dont want to cross Yami Maliks path if you value your life.

Malik doesnt have much control over his Yami but he does try to fight it as shown with his support for Yami Bakura when the two Yami fought against each other. At the end of Yami Maliks duel with Yami Yugi, Malik was able to take control of his own body and destroy Yami Malik once and for all.

After the duel Malik no longer hates Yugi. He promises Yugi that the next time they meet they would be friends. After Battle City we are not sure where he went along with his sister and Rishid but it is assumed that they all went back to Egypt."